Pond of wishes

Water march!

No rain for weeks, everything is bone dry and our garden looks like a desert. Yes sure, I wished for a super summer, but I didn't really want THAT either. Maybe that was the reason for the idea that literally jumped in my face on a hot Saturday morning. Thought, done, water must here. A cool, mysterious and quietly lying there pond, yes, the pond of wishes!!!

Step-by-step instruction

Instructions from Thomas Reinheckel (ex Thomarillion, jetzt Brickerium)

atom/icons/craft Medium
atom/icons/time 60 min.

You need that

Model "Summoning rock
Putty (keramin)
Model water (2k gel)
Materials for designing model landscapes
The delivery form
To do this, I use the "Summoning Rock" (6011952) made of hard foam. You probably couldn`t change a terrain part like this much more optically, but I want to try and present you now my newest tinkering tip.
Dam construction
The water should please stay where it belongs, for this I need between the already existing rocks only small dams. To be able to quickly model, I stir me some ceramic casting slip with very little water. Of course, you can also take any other modeling clay. Keramin has the advantage for me that it hardens very quickly and I don't lose time waiting. In addition, the mass can still be worked well during the hardening process, for example, with a knife. But most importantly, there is no shrinkage during curing and thus no unwanted joints and cracks.

TIP! To make it easier later when priming and to get a better impression of the result right away, I add a dab of black acrylic paint. This colors my mass dark gray and I start right away, while everything is still soft and malleable.

Spatula on, bring into shape with your fingers, press against the rocks, smooth with a little water and close the joints.
Customize structure
So, the dam is finished and I work a few cracks, edges and breaks into the not yet fully cured keramin with a blunt knife.
Stepping stone and primer
To get to the island later, we still need a stepping stone. I cut it out of a thin slice of Styrodur, add a few cracks and glue it to the desired place. After that, the complete model is primed in dark gray.
This also closes the last gaps and I can be sure that no casting resin will run away later.
The painting
For painting, my model gets as always a thin layer of light gray from the spray can as a base. This is faster than dry brushing and gives softer transitions. Apply sparingly and irregularly, so that the final highlights in white still come into their own.
Finish with some umber to make the rocks dusty and sandy. Apply very dry and carefully.
The color of water
Since the "water" itself has no color, we need a coloring of the base. Here, the more interesting and varied the painting, the better the result. For this I use blue, green and black for some depth effect. The colors are applied wet on wet, the transitions should be smooth. When I am satisfied with the result, I let everything dry well.
Some reeds?
The high rocks just cry out for reeds, for this I cut myself different high tufts of Ziterdes reed grass in green and glue it, of course before filling the water gel, to the desired places.  The transparent glue is no longer visible after filling the water gel. 

TIP! If you take fast hardening glue, the reed goes quite fast. If the glue hardens slowly, the reed tends to fall over. In this case, after dipping the reed into the glue dot, you can simply turn the model upside down and wait until the glue has hardened enough. For flowering reeds, you can subsequently coat the tips with ZITERDES grass glue and sprinkle flock material on top.

For the water itself, I use NOCH's 2K water gel. It hardens dust-dry in 24 hours and I don't have crumbs and grass chaff sticking to the surface when greening later. Mix 1:1, stir well, let stand a little in the cup so that air bubbles can rise to the top. Then fill evenly to desired height and let set well. 

TIP! Do yourself a favor and let it sit for 24 hours without constantly testing with your finger to see if it's hard yet. This is guaranteed to give fingerprints that will be quite annoying in later photos.
Some more green
For the final greenery I use moss, tufts of grass in different colors and various grass treus. This can be much more, or completely different, depending on taste. Here everyone can let off steam as he wants.

The water surface itself I wanted to have deliberately quiet and mysterious. But if this is too boring for you, you can get some more action with Ziterdes water effects.
A few more photos
Another hot and oppressive day draws to a close, the sun slowly sinks behind the rolling hills and the chirping of crickets sounds across the fields. I sit down on the shore of my pond, take off my shoes and let my feet dangle contentedly into the water, wonderful, just as I had wished.
Bsssssssssss, ouch, damn mosquitoes, so real I wanted it again not...

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