By Thor and Odin - set the sails and lay in the oars! The winds and weather are favorable. Off to England for another glorious raid for silver. Let us make fat loot and return as heroes or go to Valhalla to take our place at the great table of our forefathers as proud warriors of our people.

With the Viking ship hull with figurehead, mast, yard, rudder blade and rudder poles in the form of a thin and flexible plastic rod, this scenario can be quickly recreated on your tabletop gaming table. The ship's hull has been constructed with great attention to detail in a 3D process. The ship's planks are therefore precisely executed and the wood grain is cleanly worked out. The shape as well as the ship's deck are perfectly met. The Viking hull is made of structural hard foam. So it is very light and yet extremely stable. Thanks to the material it is easy to paint or dry-brush the hull to bring out the details. In addition, the rudder rods can be cut to length and worked in through the pre-determined and previously drilled guides of the hull. The figureheads complete the overall picture and give the ship a unique character. More about this in the handicraft tip.

EAN: 4007246790654
Width: 95 mm
Height: 80 mm
Length: 340 mm
Weight: 0.11 kg
Scale: 28-32 mm
Genre: Fantasy, Historical
Schiffsrumpf Karavelle
Ziterdes - Constructing ships
From a hard foam hull to an exhibit with sails and rigging.
New Video on YouTube
Viking model ship tutorial - make your own sails and rigging, for tabletop and the display case

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Viking ship hull with figureheads rudder blade, mast and yard

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