The game in the world of Dunkelstadt
The great magician Ziterion has called the teams to him!
The magic tournament begins!

The great mage Ziterion was fed up!

No matter in which world and in which epoch he traveled, everywhere he found envy, false pride and boastfulness. No matter which of the innumerable peoples he visited, no matter whether they were simple hunter-gatherers or highly developed space travelers, he always found the strangely sure conviction that just this people was the cleverest, most important and strongest. Ziterion was sure from his observations that this erroneous belief therefore caused strife and often even wars throughout the centuries. So he decided to invite one team from each of the peoples of the worlds known to him to organize a tournament.

Countless years ago, he had already discovered a place that was inhabited by ancient magic and thus seemed predestined for his plans. In the deep blackness of these vaults, he built mystical halls especially for this tournament, which he could always redesign and equip with obstacles but also with magical utensils. Each team was to have the same number of these tools at its disposal.
In addition, he put a spell on the weapons of the peoples, which took away their deadly effect and made them comparable.

So, each of the countless races known to Ziterion sent a group of four heroes.
The teams consisted of a leader who carried a melee weapon and was allowed to take several hits.
He was assisted by three fighters - one with a melee weapon, one with a staff or long weapon and, last but not least, a marksman with a long-range weapon.
Ziterion designed his tournament hall in such a way that a special artifact was hidden in a central room, which had to be brought into the starting room of the opponent.
In addition, he hid various utensils in the hall's furniture, which offered the teams further magical possibilities.
Now he had the teams compete against each other and awarded points for each victory to see which people were really the smartest.
In order to achieve equal opportunities between the teams, he equipped all participants with the same magical ability to conjure up stairs and walls.

Ziterion's Magic Tournament is a game that can be played with as few as two players.
Theoretically, there is no limit to the number of players.
The players lead a small elite unit of brave heroes through Ziterion's tournament halls, which he has created in dark underground caves. That is, what is outside the playing field modules is impenetrable rock.
Each player tries to steal an artifact from the central room of the hall and bring it, against the resistance of the other players, to the starting room of the player to his left.
In the process, the players build stairs to overcome the different levels of the hall, they create walls to cut off the enemy's way, they find and use magical paraphernalia that may bring them advantages, they get involved in fights with the opponents or even temporarily ally with one of the other players to defeat a seemingly superior opponent.
In the end, however, only one team can win Ziterion's Magic Tournament.
The rulebook allows players to determine the complexity and game length of Ziteria by adding or omitting optional rules.

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