A ship becomes "settled".
A pirate nest is born...
We at ZITERDES are happy to cooperate with YouTubers who are interested in working with our models and documenting their projects on film.

Chickens Tabletop Crafting

Thomas "Chicken" Hahn, of Chickens Tabletop Crafting, has made a name for himself in the tabletop scene over the years, and rightly so. His work is not only convincing because of the quality of his craftsmanship, which Thomas seems to increase from project to project, but also because of his seemingly never-ending creativity. Many photos of his (also earlier) projects have already made it onto our website, at that time still under the name "Tabletop-Fantasywelten".
We are looking forward to what is yet to come!

Our idea

We are very convinced of our models and materials and internally a lot of conversions and diorama plates have already been built. The special thing about the larger models is the material hard foam, which can be worked and processed very well. With no other material on the tabletop market do you have soooo many possibilities for remodelling and realising your ideas.
But we wanted to know if others see it the same way, so we wrote to several YouTubers to ask if they would like to try it out.
Here you can see one of the finished projects that particularly impressed us.

The realisation

Thomas from "Chickens Tabletop Crafting" has been working with items from the Ziterdes (or Thomarillion) range for many years and was one of the first to recognise the biggest advantage of our hard foam and use it for his creativity:
You can modify the hard foam models almost at will!
So our "ship's bow of the Dark Revenge art. no. 6079066" had to (or was allowed to) go under the knife at Thomas and was converted into an atmospheric pirate's nest. Of course, we are also pleased that he also used various "small parts" from the range.
Many thanks Thomas for the great work!

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