Theme Worlds

Ruins, temples, dungeon modules, furniture, figures and accessories

In our theme worlds, we show you in a variety of articles what you can get out of our products. We show you how ruins, temples, dungeon modules, furniture and accessories or even entire game boards can look when set in scene. Make even more out of your tabletop game.
Our title theme worlds should also help you to get an overview. So that you can find your way around the huge range more quickly.
Titelbild ZITERDES Weltenerschaffer Gestalter 1920x1000
The "World Creator" theme world
Here you will find all models for tabletop and skirmish games, as well as for large dioramas.
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The "Dungeon Master" theme world
Here you will find dungeon systems, as well as a wide range of accessories, such as furniture, etc. 
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The "Players" theme world

In the "Players" theme world, you will discover our suggestions for game boards and game tables. From simple mats, to modular boards, to "high-end" model playing fields.

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The "Designers" theme world
For all creative people who like to build their own dioramas, play plates and models.
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Fantasy Football - Video Würfelkrieg
Das musst du dir ansehen!Team Würfelkrieg gestaltet eine komplette Arena.
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Impressive tabletop accessories and game tables
What does ZITERDES stand for? What distinguishes ZITERDES? Get an overview!
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Fantasy Football
Für die Coaches!
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Shipbuilding Videos on YouTube
Shipbuilding videos with
Stefan "Shipbuilder" Weil.
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Creative projects by YouTubers - "Creative Cuts" channel
Here you can find a great project that Fred from "Creative Cuts" made with our models.
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Creative Projects by YouTubers - "Ebi Crafter" Channel
Here you can find a great project that YouTuber Ebi from "Ebi Crafter" made with our models.
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Dunkelstadt (Dark City) Starter Sets
The Ultimate 3D Dungeon!
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