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Water Effects

The perfect product for:
- Waterfalls
- Rapids
- Waves
- Spray

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  • 25-28 mm
Note: Model building item
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By ZITERDES product "water effects" the effect design of waters from Water- Drops®, model water or 2K Water Gel succeed. With this product you are able to simulate realistic rapids and impressive waterfalls easily. The "water effects" consist of a viscous, white substance that dries flexible and milky transparent. Because of the very tough consistency you can handle the material directly to steep places (in example for waterfalls). To make rapids e.g., you carry on a river just a few stripes "water effects" on which you can then distribute with a coarse bristle brushes. You could also use the water effects for basing or finishing bases of you miniatures.

  • Additional Information

    EAN 4007246126354
    Content 125 ml
    Weight 150 g
    Width 40,00 mm
    Length 40,00 mm
    Height 220,00 mm
  • How-to tip

    Directly from tube the ZITERDES "water effects" have a tough, white consistency. After several hours, the substance dries out milky transparent.Small waterfalls and swirls: The "Water Effects" are directly applied with a small brush in the model landscape and modeled.Waterfall: The waterfall is decorated in a "lyinging" position and installed after drying in the landscape. Measuring the height of the waterfall in the model landscape and transfer them to a support material such as a plastic plug wrapper or baking paper. Then you sculpting the waterfall "lying" with a bristle brush. After the waterfall has dried (approximately 24 hours), you pull the "waterfall" carefully from the carrier material and stick it in the model landscape. Afterwards you can model the transitions further with the water effects.

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