To Water

Although dwarfs anything deeper than a puddle hate and shun, water is an extremely exciting challenge and one of the key disciplines for dealing with model landscaping. ZITERDES offers you in its online store a number of products to which you can create model water that you all will envy. It does not matter whether you create waves at the beach, a rushing mountain stream, a lake or a pond would like - with the 2K Water Gel, water-drops or the water-effects will be your result one way or the notch. Vary your you use you can also represent slime, ice or sewers - it all depends again on your imagination. Thanks to the fine dosing feeder you can also set specifically accents at bases and tabletop miniatures with the water effects . To water also means that you'll find at the ZITERDES Online Shop boats, sailboats, jetties and other watercraft. Figureheads and ship superstructures complete the range. If you play, for example Freebooter's fade, so your rogues and pirates have a bit more if you treat them a corresponding gaming table. Just as well it works for example for Fantasy, Fantasy 40,000 (40K) from Games Workshop and any other tabletop game system. A well designed game board lifts the fun while gambling. So let's go with ZITERDES!