Water attracts everyone's attention! In particular, the model landscaping and the base design include the figures of model water in the form of puddles, rushing streams, waterfalls and quaint lakes for supreme discipline. ZITERDES has the best solutions for this particular challenge. Create your waters in the model as if it was almost real. The 2K-water gel or the Water-drops and the water effects are for the perfect companion. Only with these products, you may get a result that has no equal, and that without much effort without odor and without heat forming, chemical reactions of resins and hardeners which are obtained as the hardware store or anywhere else and your thumbnail or your terrain pieces ultimately more harm than embellish. The products of ZITERDES are specially tailored to the needs of hobbyists and model landscapers. They are easy and accuratly to process and give a guaranteed excellent result. The amounts are optional according to the needs. Of particular interest are in this co Hang the Water-Drops, a melt granules, which can be arbitrarily melted down and reused many times again.