The coastal sailor is ideal as an invigorating element in a harbour scenario. Be it as a simple fishing boat or as the ship of a smuggler or small landing party. Also in river landscapes the coastal sailor makes "a good figure".

ZITERDES supplies you with the hull, made of resin. The wood grain of the planks and the ship deck are clearly visible. You can easily paint the ship. With the technique Dry-Brushing you can work out all details. For the further design we supply you with further ship elements in the accessories section: Anchor, mast, yard, lookout and much more. You can load your deck with crates and barrels.

The only thing we do not offer is the sail - you have to make that yourself. But for the gambling table, a log is often enough as a mast, then you can move your pieces easier on deck.

The coastal sailor is suitable for use in tabletop and skirmish games of the historical and fantasy genres.

EAN: 4007246792658
Width: 65 mm
Height: 35 mm
Length: 200 mm
Weight: 0.17 kg
Scale: 28-32 mm
Genre: Fantasy, Historical

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New Shore Sailboat

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