For days already the companions roamed through dense reeds along the river bank. Always in search of a bridge or at least a ford.
The mosquitoes were unbearable and soon they would have to give up the consideration for their still dry equipment and cross the water swimming.
They simply could not lose any more time!
And finally, when their hope had almost completely disappeared, they discovered an old but still roadworthy punting boat in a small bend in the river...

The punt is not only suitable for use as a means of transportation, it can also be used as a pontoon boat for temporary bridges.

You can use the boat e.g. in tabletop and skirmish games of the genres, historical, fantasy and steampunk.

GTIN/EAN: 4007246792856
Width: 45 mm
Height: 20 mm
Length: 150 mm
Weight: 0.04 kg
Scale: 28-32 mm
Genre: Fantasy, Historical
Shipbuilding Videos on YouTube
Shipbuilding videos with
Stefan "Shipbuilder" Weil.

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Punting boat

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