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12 Jan 2022
Fire and water
Battle of the giants.
One of the many masterpieces of "eBi Crafter".
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31 Dec 2021
Video 4 from the "shipbuilding series" online
Shipbuilding Tutorial 4 - Hull, neutral: How to build a fan sail?
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21 Dec 2021
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Quickly grab a few prizes on YouTube?
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26 Nov 2021
Video 3 from the "Shipbuilding Series" online
Shipbuilding Tutorial 3 - Coastal Sailer: One Hull, Different Ship Types
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23 Nov 2021
Viking funeral
Fire in the eternal ice...
Another masterpiece from Creative Cuts
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2 Nov 2021
A ship becomes "settled
What might emerge when castaways design a new home for themselves?
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27 Oct 2021
Video 2 from the "Shipbuilding Series" online
Shipbuilding Tutorial 2 - Caravel: Make your own Latin sails and rigging, for tabletop and the showcase
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12 Oct 2021
Secure shopping! We are Trusted Shops certified
Are certified by Trusted Shops
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29 Sep 2021
New Video series on YouTube
Viking model ship tutorial - make your own sails and rigging, for tabletop and the display case
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14 Sep 2021
Ziterdes - Perfect Sets
Save yourself the search and save your wallet!
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Schiffsrumpf Karavelle
1 Sep 2021
Ziterdes - Constructing ships
From a hard foam hull to an exhibit with sails and rigging.
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2 Jul 2021
Dunkelstadt (Dark City) Start Sets
The ultimate play area for all dungeon players and dungeon masters. 
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