Now also completely flocked with static grass!
Printed Game Mats want to be 3D - the MGTs of ZITERDES are it!

The Modular Gaming Table (MGT) series of ZITERDES you demanded everything from! Because the 10 terrain modules with different topographical features can be combined optional. So it is clear, no matter what you play - whether Warhammer, Warhammer 40K®, Warmachine®, etc. - you and your opponent are starting now face challenges unimagined magnitude. In the MGT of ZITERDES shows the true master, the true victor.

The vast plain "Desasta" offers you more ways to carry out large troop movements. Or you equip your Modular Gaming Table with terrain pieces or buildings in addition. The flat surface is perfect for epic battles to offer the space, they need.

Sure you can get started immediately with your MGT. Simply snap them together and start! To make your MGT more interesting and unique we recommend you to pimp with the landscape and diorama products of ZITERDES which you can find at the ZITERDES Online Store.


  • The modules can be combined with each other (more than 2,000,000 options).
  • The modules have a size of 60 x 60 cm and vary in height.
  • They are brown primed and partly grassed. SciFi MGTs are grey and without gras. (This you are able to make the modules in color and vegetation just the way you like.)
  • The modules are very light, yet sturdy.
  • The MGTs we also offer budget price as 4pcs. and 6pcs. bundle.
Width: 600 mm
Height: 40 mm
Length: 600 mm
Weight: 1.031 kg
Scale: 15 mm, 28-32 mm
Genre: Fantasy, Historical, SciFi, Steam-Punk
The "Players" theme world

In the "Players" theme world, you will discover our suggestions for game boards and game tables. From simple mats, to modular boards, to "high-end" model playing fields.

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MGT "Seistor" 60 x 60 cm, River with Ford (flocked with static grass)

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