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Master Basing & Battleground, Flock light green

15g, Resealable Can

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  • 15 mm
  • 1:120
  • 1:160
  • 1:22,5
  • 1:225
  • 1:45
  • 1:87
  • 25-28 mm
Note: Model building item
€2.49 €24.90 / 100 g Incl. 19% VAT, Excl. shipping

The Flock, light green of ZITERDES is perfect for Basing the tabletop. It does not matter whether you use the flock for your base design or whether you use it to to incorporate shades ranging from groundcovers in the grass or other surface of your diorama or your tabletop game field.

  • Additional Information

    EAN 4007246121243
    Content 10 g
    Gewicht 32 g
    Breite 80,00 mm
    Länge 80,00 mm
    Höhe 40,00 mm
  • How-to tip

    The area to be sprinkled just coat with a brush with grass glue. The flock tired sprinkle, let it dry - ready! The flock material that not connected to the has tap and reuse just after drying. If you are using the Flock for shading, then go to the sparingly and only put accents

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