Article Number 6012293

Forest Base with 10 Trees Tabletop Terrain, removable

1x Removable Forest Base
10x Model Trees

This model is made of hard foam.

  • lightweight, yet extremely stable

  • easy to paint

  • to grind at the edges and hone

  • sawn and painted cuttable

Packaging: Unpainted and without embellishment details, prime

Out of stock
  • 15 mm
  • 1:120
  • 1:160
  • 1:22,5
  • 1:225
  • 1:45
  • 1:87
  • 25-28 mm
Note: Model building item
€21.99 Incl. 19% VAT, Excl. shipping

Challenging terrain and good coverage! The easiest and best way for your troops to be passed through a dense forest area: Just take the upper plate of the forest base and lead your troops into the area. If your troops have passed through the forest, you put the plate easy on again. The removable wood base with matching trees of ZITERDES is simple yet ingenious. The terrain piece is created especially for tabletop and strategy games.

  • Additional Information

    EAN 4007246122936
    Gewicht 111 g
    Breite 180,00 mm
    Länge 270,00 mm
    Höhe 30,00 mm

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