The sorcerer had given Hugo the task of leading the pupil Thaja to the summoning rock, of which few knew exactly where it was. They only ever said "deep in the forest". The mage had his hands full defending the village against the advancing soul eaters and so all hopes were now on Hugo and Thaja. "How are you going to find the summoning rock, in the dense forest?" asked Thaja incredulously, barely after the two had disappeared a few steps into the shade of the leafy canopy. Hugo just grinned and pointed to a strangely shaped rock a few metres away. Only on approach did the rock reveal itself to be an eagle's head carved out of stone, staring silently into the deep forest. "Follow its gaze!" was all Hugo said, and after Thaja had climbed onto the eagle's head and looked in its line of sight, she understood. Some distance away, another eagle's head could be seen in the forest....

The eagle head is well suited for use in tabletop and skirmish games of the fantasy, steampunk and sci-fi genres.

GTIN/EAN: 4007246794522
Width: 55 mm
Height: 85 mm
Length: 55 mm
Weight: 0.23 kg
Scale: 28-32 mm
Genre: Fantasy, SciFi, Steam-Punk

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Eagle head

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