Dunkelstadt Start and Extension Sets

As a reward to the 19 x 19 cm large and 2 cm high modules from the Dark City, you keep things firmly in hand, to build an ultimate dungeon. You can easily colour, highlight and saw the modules made of hard foam from ZITERDES on your own terms. The three dimensional surfaces with flagstone structure in the standard dungeon size 1 inch (2,54 x 2,54 cm), are particularly easy and fast to colour. Furthermore, you have the possibility to cut and file the structure hard foam. Thus, secret doors can be build into the walls, or hidden aisels and traps can be integrated into the floor - without any big effort and are very individual. Usually, a simple crafting knife and basic knowledge is sufficient to adjust the module.

The start and extension sets are perfect for beginners. They include everything you need to get the Dark City started and are pricewise affordable too, because the sets are more inexpensive than the purchase of a single module. Furthermore, the modules are easy and fast to build up. The walls are connected with the plate tight. Due to diverse wall structures and wall passages of the modules, new combinations can be build up again and again. As a consequence of the aforementioned combination varieties, the dungeon stays exciting and diversified. With the help of additional flat modules and a 4 cm high module, it is possible to create another level. Hence is the dungeon getting three dimensional. Stairs are helping to compensate height difference and are individual to place as well.