DunkelWelt Dungeon

Perfect for all dungeon and dragon fans and tabletop skirmish players!

Welcome to the Dark World. Our unique modules are exactly what you are looking for! Terrain part, dungeon plate, or presentation surface for your painted figures in the showcase. With the sensational price-performance ratio, the game fun is not tarnished. Even larger playing surfaces can be implemented quickly and inexpensively. Through the modular design you design your adventures again and again. Combine the dark world elements with other products from our program. Make it your own by simply editing it. Get into the dark world and get ready, because this is just the beginning.

No matter which "corner" you come from: Dungencrawler Super Dungeon Explore, Descent D & D, Skirmish Tabletop or even Pen and Paper the DunkelWelt modules fit  and will inspire you!

Thanks to the structure hard foam from which the modules are made, the individual models are finely detailed, very light and yet extremely stable. The boards can be painted easily and quickly (dry brushing) and can be further decorated with other accessories, such as torches, from the Bits & Pieces section of ZITERDES.

The models have a standard size of 295 x 295 mm and a base height of 20 mm. On the ground of the board there are up to 144 fields. That makes an unbeatable price of just 0.26 euros per pitch on the example of the portico. The structures such as gates, pillars or the like are of different heights and greatly enhance the module. The individual fields (tiles) are 25 x 25 mm in size and thus correspond to the usual dungeon field standard.

In addition, you can combine the modules with the individual segments of Dunkelstadt. Although Dunkelstadt has a single field size of 27 x 27 mm - but in practice, this small deviation is not significant. The combination of DunkelWelt and Dunkelstadt gives you a lot of opportunities to make your game rock or dungeon really big!

We hope you enjoy building, painting and designing your DunkelWelt-Dungeon or your DunkelWelt Skirmish Board.