Article Number 6079385

Dunkelstadt Dungeon Element Type 14 Harbour Mole angular

Harbour Mole, angular.

1 x Dungeon Single Module Type 16 Harbour Mole, angular
Sock height 2 cm
primed, unpainted

This product is suitable for scale
  • 1:22,5
  • 1:35
  • 1:43 (0)
  • 1:45
  • 1:50
  • 1:72
  • 1:87 (H0)
  • 1:100
  • 1:120 (TT)
  • 1:144
  • 1:160
  • 1:200
  • 1:220 (Z)
  • 15 mm
  • 1:225
  • 25-28 mm
Note: Model building item
€15.49 Incl. 19% VAT, Excl. shipping
  •  No minimum order value

The ultimate playing surface for all dungeon players and dungeon masters! With the individual modules, you have the opportunity to compile your dungeon individually or to expand the basic or the extension sets according to your ideas. Every item from the Dunkelstadt Dungeon Starter Sets is offered by ZITERDES, only in the online shop at particularly reasonable prices, also individually. It is now up to you what you make from your dungeon. All you need is in the ZITERDES Online Shop.

There are two modules of the harbor mole: a straight element and a square element. With both elements in the network you can realize any length of landing in a dungeon, tabletop game or tabletop. The moles can be perfectly combined with the other Dunkelstadt single segments. The model can be simply painted quickly and can be filled with ZITERDES model water.

  • Additional Information

    EAN 4007246793853
    Weight 133 g
    Width 190,00 mm
    Length 190,00 mm
    Height 20,00 mm
  • How-to tip

    So that your boat and boat dock looks really cool, we recommend the model water from ZITERDES. You can use the Water Drops, the Water Drops easy or the 2K Water Gel. First, however, you should paint the modules and allow them to dry well. For the highlight we recommend dry brushes. Perfect results can be achieved by accentuating with white color and very dry, ie with very little color. In the harbor area, you can customize the lake or seabed according to your wishes. You can also use the ZITERDES laser cut miniature plants as well as various basing and landscaping products. At the end, when everything is well dried: paint and glue. Is the model water poured.

    So that the "water" has a certain depth effect, you must cover the open edge of the module. Use Robust Tankertape to keep the water in the port basin. Another possibility is to form a "watertight" edge into which the model water is poured by means of commercially available plasticine. As soon as the model water is fully cured, you can remove the support panel again.

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