Article Number 6079312

DS Edition"Dyer Street"

This model is made of hard foam.

  • lightweight, yet extremely stable
  • easy to paint
  • to grind at the edges and hone
  • sawn and painted cuttable

Packaging: Unpainted and without embellishment details, primed

Note: Model building item
€35.99 Incl. 16% VAT, Excl. shipping
  •  No minimum order value

Dunkelstadt Dungeon

The ultimate playing surface for all dungeon player and jailer. The Dyer's Street is on the edge of a very dodgy area, just behind the "Twilight Inn". From the basement of this house on the corner should you enter the mysterious Catacombs Dunkelstadt . But who wants to voluntarily descend into this labyrinthine abyss.

The model of this house can be set up for many potential uses, for example, as a residence or library. Thanks to the rigid foam of NOCH the model is extremely sturdy yet light, and therefore easy to transport from game to game. The figures shown on some pictures serve for size comparison. The rights to these figures is retained by Freebooter. In our catalog you can find a lot of home furnishings and accessories. Enjoy browsing.

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