Dwarf fortress conversion

As if it belonged that way...

The large dwarf fortress and the detailed dwarf statues are each a blast on their own, but what if you brought the two together?
And to find out, I set out on this conversion project.
Here we go.

Step-by-step instruction

Instructions from Thomas Reinheckel (ex Thomarillion, now Brickerium)

atom/icons/craft Medium
atom/icons/time 180 min.

You need that

Cutter knife
Various litter and flocking material
The forms of delivery
Here you can see how the models are delivered.
The fortress is made of hard foam, the statues are made of resin.
The gatekeepers
I imagined the standing dwarves with the hammer as guards for a gate.
For this I need some space and therefore cut out the decorations next to the door. Because I may want to tinker with them later somewhere, they should be removed in one piece if possible.
This is best done with several blades. A scalpel for deep, agile cuts and a carpet knife for the long cuts at the back.
When things get tight...
If something is in the way, it is sometimes advantageous to take the blade out and drive it blank into the foam.
The hard foam is very stable, but the blades go through wonderfully.
And don't worry, if you ever get cut you can just glue it back in. You don't see it at all after painting.
Waste? There is none!
As you can see, the cutting out worked great. Let's see what I still craft from removed parts someday...
Some grinding must be
So that the statues fit perfectly into the newly created niches and the distance to the door is not too great, I have to sand the bases on the door side a bit.
After that it fits as if they were made for it. 
More statues
I was most taken with the kneeling dwarfs and searched for a long time for a perfect place for them.
On the right side, with a few cuts, the optimal pedestal for one is already made.
His brother gets a more elaborate solution on the other side. 
A place for the brother
I first cut myself a rock for this purpose. The right height is easy to find with a folding rule and a small spirit level.
A good eye can also do the trick.
So that the rock forms a unit with the rest, I fill in with smaller rocks and boulders. 
Primed -> fitted
Even after priming, it looks like the new place for the statue has always been there.

By the way, I draped a few dwarven column ruins (set of 6) art. no. 6079049 in the outer area of the fortress, as you will see in the photos later.
The basis for painting
Now I prime the entire fortress so that I have a uniform base for painting afterwards.
First, I apply a layer of light gray from the spray can. Not opaque, but irregularly mist, sometimes more, sometimes less.
Then drybrush with white and ready is the base for the rest of the painting.
The further painting
I brush the path with umber, first dark, then getting lighter mixed with white.
I also use umber for the walls and rocks to make them look a little "dirty" and dusty. This does well, after all, is not a new building.
But be careful, apply very dry.
Finally, some gold for the swank and the cliché that dwarves have enough of it anyway. 
Life in the mountains
I decided to make a greenery on this model. It does not always have to be so bare and dreary, just because they are dwarfs.
However, with the grass litter I use "stony highland 6012133" to stay in the mountains.
With Foliage dark green 6079621 I can bring some life and variety to rock crevices, niches and wall cracks.
Finally, grass strips 6012119, tufts of grass in dark green/light green 6079603 and a cold beer.
Because so much gardening makes damn thirsty.
I like it
A long working day comes to an end and I look at my work with satisfaction. The sun slowly disappears behind the mountains, it gets cooler and the singing of drunken dwarves sounds from afar to me. Hm, I should have stopped after one beer...

Many greetings

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