Workshop - Umbau Dunkelwelt Säulenhalle und Steinbrücke

DunkelWelt - Conversion of the Hall of Columns

So I can extend the flow

In this workshop I will show you how easy it is to convert a DunkelWelt (Dark World) module. There are three modules with a river course and now I would like to build a fourth module for this river. There is already a module with a bridge among the three in the shop, but in this workshop I would like to show you that you can also "misuse" models from the Ziterdes range. And so the tabletop stone bridge now becomes a bridge for the DunkelWelt Dungeon.

Step-by-step instruction

Instructions from Thomas Reinheckel (ex Thomarillion, now Brickerium)

atom/icons/craft Medium
atom/icons/time 30 min.

You need that

Tinker's knife or carpet knife
Acrylic paint
Marking the course of a river
After I have positioned the bridge, I draw the desired course of the river with a pencil. I make sure that the transitions to my other DunkelWelt modules with a river course are correct.
Trace the cut lines with the scalpel
With a sharp scalpel or craft knife, I cut about 5 to 10 mm deep along the lines. I can be generous here, the cuts will not be visible later.
Digging the river bed
With a carpet knife I cut very flat from the inside to the outside (from the middle of the river towards the bank) and thus work out the riverbed in very flat and fine slices.
It is really important not to cut too thickly. It's easier to handle and you can make sure you have an even depth and a flat riverbed.
Simulate the liquid
Whether it is to be water or lava, I now simulate a flowing liquid. I achieve this by generously pouring and spreading paint into the riverbed.

TIP! I usually use tinting paint from the DIY store for this.
Model the flow
I now use a medium pointed brush to model the flow.
Simply place the brush, take two fingers at the end and pull it through the paint. This works best when the paint is quite thick.
ATTENTION! It is important to pull the brush and not paint with it, this way the lines will be even and sweeping.
TIP! Don't be afraid to oversize the waves and lines a little, the paint loses a lot of volume as it dries.
What's missing now...
So, now I have to let the whole thing dry well and the conversion is finished.
Depending on whether I have designed my other DunkelWelt  modules as a river landscape or with lava, my latest achievement will be painted accordingly.
I don't mount the bridge firmly on the plate, so I can always decide whether I want to use the plate with or without it.

Have fun trying it out for yourself

Your crafted results

Workshop - Umbau Dunkelwelt Säulenhalle und Steinbrücke

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