Dunkelstadt - How to remove a wall

Your dungeon becomes even more modular.

A room with three openings for door and wall elements offers a maximum of possibilities.
In terms of production technology, such a series module was not possible because a wall would always stand alone and this would always tear off when it was removed from the mould.
To make such a module yourself, all you need is a sharp scalpel, a carpet knife, some sandpaper, a biro and about 15-20 minutes of time.
Here in the workshop I use module 1, but of course you can also use the others.
The workshop "How to make a secret door" is a continuation of this one and I used module 6.

Step-by-step instruction

Instructions from Thomas (Thommy) Doll

atom/icons/craft Easy
atom/icons/time 20 min.

You need that

Tinker's knife or carpet knife
Sharp scalpel
Vertical wall cut
With the scalpel, I cut through the vertical joints between the wall and the mullion in several steps (starting with a shallow cut and then getting deeper and deeper).
Horizontal wall cut
I now cut through the horizontal joint with a carpet knife and thus detach the wall piece from the posts.
Rework transitions
The wall is now cleanly separated from the wall. The next step is to finish the interfaces.
It is impossible to cut the wall out of the wall completely exactly and straight. But that doesn't matter. I simply rework.
I simply remove the small residue that remains with a little sandpaper and thus obtain a clean and even transition.
Rework tile pattern
The joints and tile patterns can now be easily traced with a biro or stylus. If you paint your modules afterwards, nothing will be visible, and not if there is a wall or door in it anyway.
I repeat the same on the cut side of the wall. Here, too, I trace the joints with a biro.
In the finish I go over the interfaces with paint to create a homogeneous transition. The fact that I cut out the wall is practically no longer visible.
The bottom line is as so often: DARE! It's not that difficult to rebuild or customise a Dunkelstadt module.
Have fun tinkering and painting, says Thommy (formerly Thomarillion) of the ZITERDES team.

Your crafted results

Thommy (then still at Thomarillion) at the craft workshop at the SPIEL in Essen

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