Decorate the "Forest base with trees"

From one, make two!

Today I would like to introduce you to a set with a very good price-performance ratio and show what you can do with it. The forest base with trees 6012293.
Already when unpacking, you are really surprised by the large bag with the 10 fir trees, which have a height of 16 and 19 cm. In addition, there is the two-part forest base, which has a play function due to the removable lid.
If you do not want to use the function, you can simply build two terrain parts from the available material. There is more than enough space and trees.

Let's go!

Step-by-step instruction

Instructions from Thomas Reinheckel (ex Thomarillion, now Brickerium)

atom/icons/craft Medium
atom/icons/time 60 min.

You need that

Forest base with 10 trees item no. 6012293
Heads of monumental statues (2 pieces) item no. 6079597
Various colors and scattering materials
Plastic cup
Cutter knife
Delivery form
In fact, when I received the shipment, I was a little surprised at how much material it was. 
The priming
I first prime the top in dark brown and dark gray.
I paint the rocks gray, the base umbra and the tree stumps in brown.
I set highlights by dry brushing in the corresponding lightened shades.
The first vegetation arrives
After painting, I apply a 6079612 flocking in dark green as ground cover.
I supplement this in places with forest floor litter 6012137.
With structure flock medium green 6012108 and grass tufts in dark green and meadow green 6079603 I bring some life into it. Grass tufts with flowers 6079604 provide small colorful accents.
Trim trees
Finally, 4 fir trees, two of which I shorten to a different length for a more interesting appearance, using side cutters.
To do this, simply cut off and remove the branches at the bottom of a length of 2 cm. The wire stump is then simply coated with glue and inserted into the base.
For the other two firs, I remove the plastic root (just twist and pull it off) and put it into the base with the wire as well.
This is how the article was actually intended
The finished forest base now looks like this, if you want to use the game technical function.
If you move your units into the forest, you can simply remove the upper part and the flat lower part remains as a placeholder and can be equipped with miniatures without having to "fumble around" between the trees.

But I want to show you another added value of this article!
A second terrain piece is created
For the second terrain piece, which I want to build from the lower part of the base, I additionally use the two heads of monumental statues 6079597, a few small rocks, styrodur snippets, sand and paint.

The edge of the base is flattened in some places with the craft knife and sandpaper, or otherwise reshaped.
Want a few eye-catchers?
Then the heads and rocks are arranged and glued. Smaller boulders and sand I bring only in the next step, with the help of paint on the model.
The soil gets structure
Everything is primed in dark gray. On the base plate itself, I apply the paint thickly and dab the flat side of the brush repeatedly into the wet paint. This gives me a varied texture when dry, which really comes into its own when dry brushed.

Now I cut scree in the form of Styrodur snippets and mix them with paint. This is then simply placed in the still wet primer in the desired places.
Finally, a sand/paint mixture applied in some places and let dry well.
The painting
For the painting, the model first gets a coat of light gray from the spray can (don't worry, the ZITERDES hard foam is not sensitive to solvents).
Then the heads, rocks and parts of the ground are brushed with white, while the rest of the ground gets a primer coat of dark brown.
A coat of umber for the ground is the next step. I use this to "dirty up" the bottom edges of the heads and rocks a bit more. (Apply very, very dry and carefully) 
The finish in umber/white completes the painting and the greening can follow.
The greening
For this I follow the steps of the upper base plate. Flockage in dark green, forest floor, shorten the firs and glue them on, some foliage at the heads and finally a few grass tufts.
I glue on the two large, unclipped firs with the roots on this model.
For the shortened ones, the wire is only 1 cm short so that I don't poke through the base plate. Good glue on it, press in firmly, that holds great.
A lot of terrain for your money
Finished are two pretty terrain pieces and two firs I still have left.
You could also glue them on a small base and design them as well.
Next to the right head I left enough space for one or two figures, which is a nice cover and increases the play value.
It's amazing what you can do with this set and some accessories. You definitely get your money's worth.
Have fun trying it out

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