Dark City - Reconstruction of Module 17 (Rock Gate)

Behind the waterfall

The Dunkelstadt module 17, called "Rock Gate" (on the left in the picture the delivery form), represents a secret entrance to the world of Dunkelstadt. In this workshop I show how to install a "real" secret door and then hide it behind a waterfall.

Step-by-step instruction

Instructions from Thomas (Thommy) Doll

atom/icons/craft Medium
atom/icons/time 120 min.

You need that

Tinker or carpet knife
Various landscaping materials
Baking paper
Wooden skewer 
Wood screw
The delivery form and what do I want to do
The wall in the rock face should be movable and hidden by a waterfall.
Here are a few pictures of the delivery form so that you can see the starting position. On one side the module has the typical look of Dunkelstadt, on the other side there is "free nature".
TIP! The waterfall looks better when it is firmly attached to the water surface of the pond. But I wanted it to be movable so that a figure can really pass through.
Cut out wall and enlarge pond
With a sharp carpet knife (possibly pre-cut with a scalpel) I cut the wall out of the module that will later become the secret door.
Then I enlarge the pond in the direction of the gate and create a drain for the water.
HINT! I glue the broken out pieces of the pond enlargement as a bank slope to the edge of the new bulge.
The wall becomes a gate
I smooth the cut lines of the cut-out door with sandpaper and press in the joints with a biro.
The gate gets a mechanism
Now I build the mechanism for the movable rock gate and need a long screw, a nail and a screwdriver.
I push the nail through the floor plate where the hinge is to be.
I hold the cut-out wall in position and push the nail from below into the hole I have just made. This way the nail marks the right place in the wall.
Now I carefully turn the screw through the wall and out again.
The actual installation of the secret door is done later.
The painting
Using the dry brushing painting technique, I now paint the cut-out wall in various shades of grey, and the ornaments in silver and black.
I use the same painting technique to finish the rest of the module, using a little green in the places where there will be water later.
If you want to know more about dry brushing, you can also find a tip on how to do it.
Installing the secret door
The screw is now screwed into the module from below through the base plate and the cut-out wall.
A waterfall is created
I now measure the approximate height of the waterfall and transfer it to a piece of baking paper.
For the water of the fall I use water effects from Ziterdes and "paint" the waterfall onto the baking paper.
I deliberately paint over the upper corners of the fall so that I can later attach the fall well above the gate.
As the water effects harden transparently, I brush the dried case with some white and apply another layer of water effects to make the water look more foamy. However, there are also special materials in the shop that can be used to represent foam & spray.
It gets damp
During the repeated drying phases of the waterfall on the baking paper, I design the module with various flocking material and pour 2k water gel from Ziterdes into the pond.
I also paint the area that is to be covered with waterfall on the rock wall with water effects from Ziterdes.
TIP! The 2k gel has very good flow properties, i.e. you have to be careful not to pour too much into the pond and let the gel flow over the overflow created in the module. In this area, you should only pour when the gel is already a little more viscous.
Or you can design the overflow and the small stream with water effects beforehand and use them as a "brake" for the gel.
Rework the waterfall on the module
As with the waterfall on the baking paper, I brush the dried water effects with a little white to simulate foam and then apply another layer of water effects.
Waterfall to go
After the waterfall has dried completely, I remove it from the baking paper and glue it to the desired place with hot glue.
Before gluing, it is better to hold the waterfall at the desired place to see where it meets the water surface and how it fits into the water on the rock.
Then, before gluing the waterfall, I paint the surface of the pond with water effects and white paint and let the area dry well.
Conceal transitions
The transition of the glued fall and the water on the rock wall I adjust with further layers of water effects and white paint. I can also further adjust the place in the pond where the water hits with water effects and colour.

TIP! This is even easier with the article "Foam & Spray".
TIP! If you want to keep the waterfall "mobile" (as in my example), it is advisable to bend it backwards so that the foam at the point of impact can dry undisturbed.
Finally ready!
Here are a few pictures of the finished module.

Have fun tinkering and painting, your Thommy from the ZITERDES team wishes you.

Your crafted results

Thommy (then still at Thomarillion) at the craft workshop at the SPIEL in Essen

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