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This article shows the painting and assembly of the model "Wooden Arched Bridge" (Item No. 6079728) and gives some useful tips on Laser-Cut kits.

Step-by-step instruction

Instructions from Thomas (Thommy) Doll

atom/icons/craft Easy
atom/icons/time 30 min.

You need that

Craft knife or scalpel
The delivery form
The item "Wooden arched bridge" (Item No. 6079728) is a laser-cut kit. The nine components are supplied on three "little boards" and are connected to the frame with small bars.
For kits with filigree components, it is sometimes advisable to prime them while they are still in their frames. I use a dark brown here.
Removing components
Using a sharp craft knife or scalpel, I cut through the small bars to separate the components from the frame.

It is advisable to cut through the bars on the back side as well, so that nothing can tear out.
Clean up components
The remains of the bars should be removed with a scalpel and/or sandpaper.
Glue on attachments
Before I continue with the painting, I glue the small decorative cuboids onto the bridge posts. The parts can then be painted better than loose in the hand.

Here you could also well glue your own decorative elements, such as small hemispheres.
Prime rest
Now I can still prime the areas that were previously inaccessible through the frames. But since I had already primed the side surfaces and they have dried in the meantime, less paint now lands on my fingers than if I had primed the parts completely outside the frames.
Dry brushing
I decided to also do the next painting steps before the final assembly of the bridge.
Here I use the simple painting technique "dry brushing" and apply first a lighter brown and then some ivory on the components.
Note that the brush should be quite dry and that the lightest color should only be used to highlight the edges.
The assembly
The tread of the bridge is clamped into the joint provided on one side of the supporting structure and can then be bent along the arch and clamped into the joint there on the other side.

There are two things to pay attention to here: The support structures have engravings on one side only! These engravings are visible on the outside. The tread is also engraved on one side only. These engravings are on top.

You should clamp the tread on one side, then carefully bend it. At the highest point of the support arch it is recommended to apply some glue, so that the tread is well fixed.
Conversion idea
If you use the component for the tread as a template, you can easily build your own tread out of cardboard to get a wider bridge, for example!
The finished bridge
The two bridge railings (watch out for engravings!) are now simply glued into the recesses provided on the right and left (also glue them to the posts!) and the bridge is ready.
Other version of the bridge
We will also release an "elven" version of this bridge, you can see it below.

Your crafted results

Thommy (at that time still with Thomarillion) during the terrain building workshop on the fair in SPIEL Essen

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