Crafting tip for laser cut kits

Not only for the balcony useful tips...

Today I would like to give those of you who have not yet had any experience with lasercut kits a few small tips. To do this, I'm going to take a look at the balcony. However, the first steps are generally useful for any kit.

Step-by-step instruction

Instructions from Thomas Reinheckel (ex Thomarillion, now Brickerium)

atom/icons/craft Easy
atom/icons/time 30 min.

You need that

Craft knife or scalpel
Cutting out the components
To remove the lasered parts from the frame, it is best to use a craft knife or scalpel.
Use it to carefully cut through the small bars that connect the components to the frame.

It is advisable to cut only half of the front and half of the back. Especially with the thicker MDF boards this is unavoidable. Do not try to cut completely from one side, this can damage the parts.
Grind away the remains of the bars
The remains of the bars can be easily removed with a very fine sandpaper.
I place the paper on the table and lightly pull the parts over it. Apply little pressure, that's enough.
Don't forget to sand and clean the parts, at the latest when you see the first high-resolution picture of your work, you may be annoyed by these imperfections and wish you had done it.
Glue parts together
For gluing, I use wood glue and a thin brush for application. This is recommended for such delicate parts and small surfaces.
First I glue the handrails to the railings.
Then the posts to the railings and everything together on the base plate. With wood glue, there is a little time to get everything on and in the desired position. 

Do not forget to wash out the brush, otherwise it will be ruined :-)

There is also special glue for laser-cut kits. This glue is very easy to dose thanks to the tip. Thus, even the smallest parts can be glued cleanly.
Here I even used the "grass glue" from Ziterdes, which works just as well as wood glue. He hardens in contrast to wood glue only more evenly, wood glue hardens first on the surface.
Almost finished
When everything has dried, the last thing I do here is glue the supports under the floor slab.
In a construction project, of course, I would do this only when the balcony is hanging in place and I know what distance the supports should have the best. Possibly the support beams should fit to a framework.
Then I prime everything in dark brown and let it dry well.
After drying, paint with lighter shades of brown, ready.

Your crafted results

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