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Conversion of two desert houses

Another example of how the fun really begins with the purchase of the ZITERDES models. For example, you can buy two of the four desert houses from the range twice and make a fifth one out of them.
A little imagination, a few add-on parts and "Friend Carpet Knife" will help.

Step-by-step instruction

Instructions from Thomas (Thommy) Doll

atom/icons/craft Medium
atom/icons/time 30 min.

You need that

Craft knife
Ruler (geo-triangle)
2k glue
Wood glue
Acrylic paints
The delivery form
The two pictures show our starting position. The smaller building is to become the 2nd floor of the larger one. The bay window was actually intended for the "Seestadt" series, but it also fits wonderfully in the Orient and serves me to further alienate the original appearance of the buildings so that it is not noticeable that they actually already exist in my oasis village.

It is quite possible to make the houses playable from the inside as well and to replace one or the other window with open inserts.
Go for the knife!
First, I set the positions for the small building on the 1st floor. I leave it slightly overhanging so that the balcony remains large enough.
Then I mark the positions on the balcony wall of the large building and start the vertical cut.
Then I carefully cut away the wall horizontally.
TIP! You should also always check on the inside that the cut is made correctly.
ATTENTION! The part of the wall will be needed later!
Smooth interfaces
Then I smooth the cut and the area where the little house will stand with sandpaper and glue it into position.
The space for the bay window
I want to cover the small window that is now on the right above the entrance door with the bay window.
To do this, I have to remove the fifth beam from the right of the ground floor house.
Now I can glue the bay window in position.
Pull in supporting beams
Under the overhang of the small house on the upper floor and under the bay window, I want to attach support beams.
This can be done either with square timbers or, as I did here, with Styrodur.
By placing the beam sideways, I find the desired cutting angles.
The wood grain is created
I cut four equal beams and grain them with the floor knife.
Under the bay window I put two slightly thinner beams.
If I use real wood for the beams, I can also create the grain with a wire brush. This is not possible with Styrodur, as it would crack.
Even the "waste piece" still finds a use!
I now build a garden wall from the cut-off balcony wall.
I mark a sufficiently large opening with a pencil and cut it out with the cutter.
The small step makes sense because it makes it easier to glue the wall to the house.
For a better hold, I also like to use toothpicks for pinning.
Gap filler
Now I'm scoffing all around the places on the house that still need to be concealed.
As I find the colour of the delivery form quite good as a primer, I mix myself a matching shade of brown and prime my extensions and the filled areas.
The painting
The last thing to do is to paint the building.
For the wood I brush with a lighter brown and beige, for the walls I use light brown and ivory.
I paint the bricks with brown and the joints with dark grey.
I paint the windows and doors with various bright decorative colours.
As always, I prefer dry brushing as a painting technique. Here I paint from dark to light and the lighter the colour, the drier the brush should be.
The trick is to use a flat brush to get only the raised areas of the surface to be painted. Only the windows and the fittings are a bit fiddly to paint.
The buildings also look good if you brighten them up. You don't necessarily have to prime them again, but use something lighter rather than brown as the first colour.

The conclusion is as so often: DARE! It's not that difficult to rebuild or customise your terrain. 
I  wish you a lot of fun with tinkering and painting.
Thommy (formerly Thomarillion) from the ZITERDES team

Your crafted results

Thommy (then still at Thomarillion) at the crafting workshop at the SPIEL in Essen

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