A very special fountain is being created

Truly demonic...

I was immediately taken with the four gargoyles and the idea of using them in a fountain instead of a building was not long in coming.
Today I would like to present the project to you in my latest craft tip.

Step-by-step instruction

Instructions from Thomas Reinheckel (ex Thomarillion, jetzt Brickerium)

atom/icons/craft Medium
atom/icons/time 120 min.

You need that

Dämmplatte (7mm stark)
Proxxon Heißdrahtschneider
NOCH 2k Wassergel
Manufacture components
I cut the base plate, four corner pieces and four profiles for the well from a 7 mm thick insulation board. I do this with the Proxxon hot wire cutter. It allows me to make straight cuts and right angles for a clean result without much effort.
The base plate is 4 mm longer than the corner pieces + profile so that I get a 2 mm step all around.
Glue the fountain rim together
First I glue the four "boys" on their bases, then the four profiles in between.
It is practical to glue this "frame" first so that you can move the complete piece back and forth on the base plate to achieve an equal step on each side.
For gluing I use the Ziterdes grass glue again. It gives me enough time to bring the parts into the desired position and to make corrections. That is particularly advantageous here.
The statue base
The basic framework is in place, now I need a base for the statue and four decorative strips made of the same material, with the same tool, which I then glue onto the border.
Masonry and statue
I decided to add a few wall joints, it just looks more varied.
I do this with a biro and a ruler. Do yourself a favour and take a ruler, even for a 7 mm line, because even these usually get crooked by hand, and every single one of them grins sardonically in your face later on in the pictures of your work.
Finally, make a few notches with the craft knife and fine cracks with a mechanical pencil so that the whole thing doesn't look like a new building.
And now the groom on top of the cake. To go with the gargoyles, I chose the "Faminor" from Thomarillion (coming soon to Ziterdes).

Preparation for painting
Prime everything dark grey and let it dry well.
Painting of masonry and statues
For the painting, I start as usual with a layer of light grey from the can, spraying on finely and sparingly so that there is still enough room for the highlights in white, which I then apply with a brush and white acrylic paint.
The water
To give the fountain depth and the "water" colour, I paint the bottom and the edges with acrylic paint in turquoise green and blue. The more interesting the painting, the better the end result. After all, the water is only a thin, clear layer and does not set any accents itself.
The water surface
For the water itself, I use the 2K water gel from NOCH.
Mix the 2K water gel 1:1, fill it in, let it harden, and you have a small, beautiful unique piece for the display case or the play table.
There is more
After I had taken the photos with the smooth surface, I implemented my idea of a magical fountain with a water vortex, in which Faminor uses his magical powers to summon a water elemental.

However, I only recommend this step to experienced modellers, because the gel has to be almost hardened to achieve this effect and dealing with the viscous gel is not easy. You have to keep trying and stirring, but the material will usually smooth itself out again and many a beautiful wave disappears again or less successful ones remain instead.
Of course, there are also other tools in the field of "water modelling", so you can try your luck with water effects or materials for waves and billows or spray.

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