The city tower impresses with its unique appearance and detailing. The base of the stone tower is extremely massive and fortified, the upper part has a special elegance due to the integrated arches and windows. The tower is crowned by a battlement, which offers optimal cover for archers.
In the "Accessories" tab, by the way, there is a matching tower dome that changes the look of the city tower enormously.
Thus the city tower can serve as a converted part of a city fortification, as a church tower, an ancient lighthouse or a magnificent town hall tower. With the appropriate painting, it fits into scenarios of the European Middle Ages or the fantasy genre just as well as into the Near and Middle Orient (e.g. in combination with our desert buildings).

The city tower makes your gaming table a special place. The more characteristic the buildings on your game table are, the more impressive the overall picture, the more varied, diverse and feint the game.

By the way: In addition to their function as obstacles, buildings are also excellent mission objectives.

EAN: 4007246120345
Width: 90 mm
Height: 280 mm
Length: 90 mm
Weight: 0.3 kg
Scale: 28-32 mm
Genre: Fantasy, Historical

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City Tower

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