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Viking ship hull with figureheads rudder blade, mast and yard

1x hull of a viking ship
1x mast and yard
1x figureheads for bow and stern
1x ship's rudder
Material for rudder rods

Hard foam, wood and resin

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primed, unpainted

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  • 1:22,5
  • 1:35
  • 1:43 (0)
  • 1:45
  • 1:50
  • 1:72
  • 1:76
  • 1:87 (H0)
  • 1:100
  • 1:120 (TT)
  • 1:144
  • 1:160
  • 1:200
  • 1:220 (Z)
  • 15 mm
  • 1:225
  • 28-32 mm
Note: Model building item
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By Thor and Odin - set the sails and lay in the oars! The winds and weather are favorable. Off to England for another glorious raid for silver. Let us make fat loot and return as heroes or go to Valhalla to take our place at the great table of our forefathers as proud warriors of our people.

With the Viking ship hull with figurehead, mast, yard, rudder blade and rudder poles in the form of a thin and flexible plastic rod, this scenario can be quickly recreated on your tabletop gaming table. The ship's hull has been constructed with great attention to detail in a 3D process. The ship's planks are therefore precisely executed and the wood grain is cleanly worked out. The shape as well as the ship's deck are perfectly met. The Viking hull is made of structural hard foam. So it is very light and yet extremely stable. Thanks to the material it is easy to paint or dry-brush the hull to bring out the details. In addition, the rudder rods can be cut to length and worked in through the pre-determined and previously drilled guides of the hull. The figureheads complete the overall picture and give the ship a unique character. More about this in the handicraft tip.

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    EAN 4007246790654
    Weight 110 g
    Width 95,00 mm
    Length 340,00 mm
    Height 80,00 mm
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  • How-to tip

    This model is made of structural rigid foam.

    • light and yet extremely stable
    • easy to paint
    • to grind and file on the edges
    • sawable and cutable

    Thanks to the structural hard foam, the hull can be quickly formed. The hull can be painted quickly and easily by dry-brushing. This allows the many details and the wood grain to be brought out. Whoever spends a little more time in painting will be rewarded. Which colors you use is up to you - the hard foam can take anything. Even a wash is possible. But since the surface is not "absorbent" the wet wash needs some drying time.

    Our tip: Brush the primer first with a medium brown, which is slightly lighter than the primer on the ship. Then apply a wash in dark brown over it. Then brush it again with a medium brown. Finally, accentuate the edges with ochre. The landscape colors from ZITERDES (NOCH) are very suitable for this.

    The Viking shields (see accessories, not included) are first painted for this purpose and then glued to the railing with superglue, Uhu or hot melt glue. The mast can easily be inserted and glued in the recess. If the recess is not deep enough, you can deepen it with a drill. The yard can be connected with the second wooden pole crosswise with the mast and be fastened with a tinkering wire or a string strikingly. A simple piece of cloth, tied to the mast, can be used as a dummy sail. The string can also be used again. A raised sail is a lot more complex and should not be described here - that would be too complex.

    The rudder rods can be made from the fine and flexible plastic rod included in the delivery. In the first step you cut the poles to length - 6 cm should be long enough. On the hull of the ship, the model includes the rudder rod openings. If you drill them (drill 1-2 mm) the flexible plastic rods can be pushed through and glued. The effect is enormous and enhances the hull enormously. We have deliberately omitted the rudder blades because they are under water :-).

    Have fun painting and decorating the hull of the ship. Wish you your ZITERDES team.

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