Article Number 6079069

Hull of a Cog

1x hull made of structural hard foam
1x stern structure made of structural hard foam
1x rudder blade made of resin

Hard foam and resin

Delivery form:
brown primed, without further accessories

This product is suitable for scale
  • 1:22,5
  • 1:35
  • 1:43 (0)
  • 1:45
  • 1:50
  • 1:72
  • 1:76
  • 1:87 (H0)
  • 1:100
  • 1:120 (TT)
  • 1:144
  • 1:160
  • 1:200
  • 1:220 (Z)
  • 15 mm
  • 1:225
  • 28-32 mm
Note: Model building item
€39.99 Incl. 19% VAT, Excl. shipping
  •  Current delivery time approx. 4 - 7 working days
  •  No minimum order value

Pirate, Admiral or Merchant ...

... the decision is up to you, you decide what becomes of the hull of the cog. Depending on the orientation of your tabletop crew, it is up to you, as the captain of the crew, to customize how you design the sailing ship. ZITERDES delivers you the hull. The hull is made of structural hard foam. The material is very light and yet extremely stable. The wood grain of the planks and the ship deck are clearly visible. You can just paint the ship. With the technique Dry Brushing you can work out all the details. For the further design we supply you in the range accessories further ship elements such as: Anchor, mast, Rahe, Ausguck and much more. You can load your deck with boxes and barrels. The only thing we do not offer is the sail - you have to do that yourself.

The cog was a sailboat type of the Hanseatic League, which mainly served the trade, in times of military conflicts of the Hanseatic cities with pirates and. a. but could also be equipped with cannons. She has a mast and a square sail. Just below the top of the mast was sometimes a crow's nest called Ausguck appropriate. Aft (rear) cogs had the aft fortress and in the course of the 14th century was often added to the bow (ship's tip) a bow fortress. (Source: wikipedia)

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