Ships & Boats

Seafaring is in many tabletop games repeatedly topic. In the field of fantasy, it is primarily the pirates around the fabled Blackbeared, Francis Drake or Klaus Störtebeker standing in the foreground. Best example is Freebooters fade. Reason enough for ZITERDES confront topic ships. With the Dark Revenge we have a wreck from the bow and stern in range that recalls the heydays of pirates. Perfect for all scenarios of this kind. Small boats round off the range.

A ship called in a smaller form boat is a watercraft that floats to the Archimedean principle. The ship will take place on shipyards. After completion of the hull, the ship will be left with the launching to water. Only then is the final equipment. The first passage of a vessel called a maiden voyage. The repair of vessels is usually in so-called docks. At the latest with the need for groups of people, as part of the search for food or looking for habitat, water must cross over longer distances, the human was looking for appropriate means of transport. It is believed that before more than 50,000 years were known corresponding vehicles, however, the first detectable vehicle has approximately 6500 v. Chr dated. Initially, these vehicles were simple hewn tree trunks, later they were always developed further. A limit on the size was initially achieved due to the characteristics of the building material wood with the clippers. Only with the use of steel then larger ships could be built. (Excerpt from Wikipedia)