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We are your specialist for tabletop model making
and terrain pieces. From fantasy to to science fiction -
here you will find what your world is still missing

Shipbuilding tutorials

From the hard foam hull to the exhibit

On our YouTube channel we present you various videos about shipbuilding. Thommy is a guest of Stefan "Shipbuilder" Weil, who built all the spectacular exhibits for our hulls. Stefan will show on several models how and which conversions he has done and what will surely be just as exciting for many, how to set and moor masts, sew sails and attach the rigging of the different types of sails.

So you can decide for yourself if you want to use the ship as a pure playing surface for your tabletop or skirmish game or if you want to equip it with masts and rigging.

I'm sure you've already noticed the photos of our display pieces, as we've often been asked how they were made.

On our YouTube channel, we've now started a whole series of videos covering just this topic - shipbuilding (for detail lovers).

Tips from and for the community

Ziterdes - Theme Sets
Save yourself the search and save your wallet!
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A ship becomes "settled
What might emerge when castaways design a new home for themselves?
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City walls and towers
Secure your city against the hordes of enemies!
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Dunkelstadt - How to build a secret door
A functioning secret door? No problem with dark city modules.
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An era comes to an end!
Wir schließen die Tore.
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Decorate the "Forest base with trees"
More in it than you think! According to the motto: "From one, make two!"
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Video 3 from the "Shipbuilding Series" online
Shipbuilding Tutorial 3 - Coastal Sailer: One Hull, Different Ship Types
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Shipbuilding Videos on YouTube
Shipbuilding videos with
Stefan "Shipbuilder" Weil.
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A job for dwarf statues!
A nice example of how our dwarf statues can be used.
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Painting services
What you can't do yourself, maybe others can do for you....
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ZITERDES - Your online shop for table top games and war games accessories!

Create Your Adventure! Because with the individual tabletop terrain pieces from ZITERDES, you are the creator of your world. 

Welcome to the ZITERDES online shop. The online shop for tabletop, strategy, role-playing and miniatures games in the areas of fantasy, skirmish, dungeon and science fiction. Here you will not only find ready-made tabletop terrain pieces, but also everything your hobbyist heart desires! 

We offer you a huge selection of different products for your hobby, which you can buy at your local dealer or directly from us in the ZITERDES online shop. From simple hills to finely detailed fortresses, ruins and temples to modular tabletop gaming tables, you will find almost everything you need for your gaming table, basing and model landscaping. Dive into the world of Dunkelstadt and DunkelWelt and discover a new dimension for your dungeon. With a variety of furniture and many other ingenious tabletop accessories, you can bring your dungeon to the next level. All our models are conceived and designed for the tabletop scale 28 to 32 mm. This makes them compatible with all common tabletop gaming systems.

Tabletop is more than just a game. It stands for collecting, painting, tinkering, playing, creativity, fun and a good dose of emotion. The appearance of your playing area is just as important as your miniatures. So no game without tabletop terrain from ZITERDES! 

Take your time to look around in our shop and discover our unique models. Have fun browsing. We look forward to your visit and your purchase.


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