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DunkelWelt Azâkah Cornu

The War Horn of the Dwarves!

Hewn in solid stone and worked as impressively, artistically and prominently as only dwarves can. The helmet of the Azâkah Cornu - the war horn of the dwarves - shines from afar, casted in gold and polished to a high gloss. Dwarves keep watch here. Mostly in rigor, in the dwarves' day-sleep, as generations of young dwarves have done to earn more syllables of their name. And nevertheless so awake and alert that no danger escapes them. Always ready to awaken from their rigidity, to defend the empire and to sound the war horn to strike the attackers with fear and call the dwarven warriors to arms with the deep sound of the mighty horn.

The Azâkah Cornu the war horn of the dwarves joins the series of DarkWorld Modules and completes the series in a meaningful and impressive way. The module has an extremely elaborate design and has an additional entrance gate. It is made of the incomparable structural hard foam. The module is therefore very light and yet extremely stable. Which is very convenient for transport and playability. Furthermore, the hard foam can be easily painted, processed and decorated. You can even cut and file the material - if you like. 

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