Snow and ice in model landscaping at Ziterdes

Snow and Ice

Modellschnee und Eis von ZITERDES für den Tabletop-Modelllandschaftsbau und für das Basing von Tabletop Miniaturen

Snow is a great thing - in nature and in the model - but how do I make snow in the model? ZITERDES has some solutions for you to choose from. About Snow powder and ZITERDES structure snow up to the snow-paste and snowflakes You will be spoiled for choice with a superior result. Build snow with snowflakes of ZITERDES, let a frozen lake or an ice pond with ice crystal paste formed and forme icicles with another special product of ZITERDES - the specialist for tabletop model landscaping.

The snow-paste shrouded objects such as pieces of terrain, ruins, houses, positions and landscapes in ice and snow. The paste is applied with a spatula or brush and dry after 2 to 3 hours. However, the snow-paste can also be modeled by hand to replicate e.g. snow heaps or snowdrifts in the model. If the paste diluted with water, it can be applied perfectly on trees and bushes. To produce snow rooftops or very smooth surfaces, we recommend first a layer NOCH snow Glue (Item No. 61138). After drying of the adhesive, the snow-paste is applied.