Modular Gaming Table at Ziterdes

The ultimate gaming table for tabletop gamers 

ZITERDES Modular Gaming Table für Tabletop Spieler

The modular constructed gaming table (MGT) from ZITERDES is a special series build up from single modules, which demands everything from you in the game. The terrain modules with different terrain formations are able to combined diverse. Hence, it does not matter what you are playing with, whether it is Warhammer®, Warhammer 40K® or Confrontation®, your rival and you are playing challenges of unregarded scale. The true master will be shown up on the MGT from ZITERDES. Different topographies including hills, rivers, swamps and bridges are able to build up the same as different scenarios. The various combination of the single moduls in size 60 x 60 cm is a reward to the aforementioned varieties. A special insert mechanism allows the various combination of the plates and ensures the safe and solid connection, so everything that is already build up will stay on place and will not move. Special made support blocks and structure hard foam are ensuring additional stability and entagonize a bouncing of game moves. The plates are made of synthetic material and are precoloured and can be coloured and equipped afterwards as well.